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Victoria Pham and Joel Spring, TERRA: Memory + Soil, 2022. West Space, Naarm/Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Janelle Low

TERRA: Memory + Soil

When we consider gardening, we tend to create a relationship with the natural world through control. Instead of revealing the Earth beneath our feet, we often seek to conceal it, relegating soil to a tool from which our ideal forms grow. TERRA: Memory & Soil, is an immersive installation project combining sound, biological sculpture, architecture and projection. A collaboration between artists Victoria Pham and Joel Spring brings critical interdisciplinary positions within their respective disciplines of evolutionary biology and architecture, bringing vastly different insights into notions of the built environment, history and legacies of colonialism. Instead of a geometrically symmetrical space bordered by hedges and freshly mown grass, Pham and Spring offer a space to listen and experience history through soil, and reconsider what it means to garden.

TERRA: Memory & Soil was supported through a residency facilitated by Centre for Projection Art through the mentorship of Betty Seargent and Yandell Walton.

This project is curated by Sebastian Henry-Jones and is co-commissioned by Centre for Projection Art, West Space Gallery and Liquid Architecture.

TERRA: Memory & Soil is supported by Arts Council England through their Developing Your Creative Practice fund and the Victorian Indigenous Nurseries Co-operative.

West Space Gallery

Saturday 03 September - Sunday 16 October

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday - Sunday, 10am till 6pm



Victoria Pham headshot Image by Daniel Pini.jpeg

Victoria Pham

Victoria Pham is an Australian installation artist, composer, archaeologist and evolutionary biologist. She is a PhD Candidate in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, holding the Cambridge Trust’s International Scholarship. As a composer, she has studied with Carl Vine, Richard Gill, Liza Lim and Thierry Escaich. She is represented by the Australian Music Centre as an Associate Artist.

Her artistic and musical work is driven by explorations into the sonic connections between second-hand memory, examining modes of decolonisation, communal story-telling, intertwining electronic sound with acoustic instrumentation, and ecological expressions of construction. Upcoming projects include being awarded the West Space Gallery Commission 2022, the STRAY VOLTAGE commission from KINGS Gallery and being commissioned by the Sydney Opera House as part of ANTIDOTE festival in collaboration with James Nguyen.

Joel Spring headshot.jpeg

Joel Spring

Joel Spring is a Wiradjuri man raised between Redfern and Alice Springs who works across research, activism, architecture, installation and speculative projects. At present, his work focuses on the contested narratives of Sydney’s and Australia’s urban culture and indigenous history in the face of ongoing colonisation.



Artistic director: Priya Namana

Curator: Sebastian Henry-Jones

Operations Manager: Catriona Black-Dinham

Program and Technical Manager: Anatol Pitt

Marketing & Communications: Teagan Ramsay 

Co-commissioned by Centre for Projection Art, West Space Gallery and Liquid Architecture.


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