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Collinwood Yards_30-03-2022_Kenneth Suico-18.jpg

Mikaela Stratford, 2022. Activation: Collingwood Yards, Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Suico

about Centre for Projection Art

Centre for Projection Art activates public spaces through artistic outcomes engaging projection art that invites our audiences to be curious, and reflective and to bring their sense of discovery with them. We work responsively through site-specific works and use projection art as a way to gather and be in conversation with our community.


Working with both practising and emerging artists, to help them explore, learn and develop their language around projection art, we resource and support artists interested in this medium with the digital literacy that allows them to expand and realise their practice further.  From staging workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship programs, to running artist residencies and more, we are committed to developing the integration and use of Projection Art within a range of artistic mediums.

We’re also passionate about sharing what we do with others by producing and consulting on events that showcase the scope of Projection as an art form, continuing to present the much loved Gertrude Street Projection Festival. The festival is Australia’s longest-running projection festival. We have a reputation for discovering artists, uncovering interesting sites, exploring ideas and bringing together locals and visitors by night to experience playful, thoughtful and inspiring new media work.

Our events are a chance to share what we love with the wider communities and we celebrate the opportunity to bring people together.

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