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About Us

Centre for Projection Art produces meaningful artistic events, both challenging and beautiful to our audiences.
Challenging what is possible we bring people together through their interaction with Projection Art.

Projection art is beautiful.

That’s why we work with both practising and emerging artists, to help them explore, learn and grow, pushing their talents and abilities towards exciting new boundaries.  From staging workshops and mentorship programs, to running artist residencies and more, a big part of the work we do is about helping develop the practice of Projection Art in Australia.

We’re also passionate about sharing what we do with others by producing and consulting on some incredible events that showcase the amazing scope and artistic beauty of Projection as an art-form, including the much loved Gertrude Street Projection Festival. The festival is Australia’s longest-running projection festival we have a reputation for discovering artists, uncovering places, exploring ideas and bringing together locals and visitors by night to experience playful, thoughtful and inspiring new media work.

Our events are a chance to share what we love with the wider community and we celebrate the opportunity to bring people together.