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Henry Lai-Pyne, Nexus, 2023. Seventh x CPA. Photo- Teagan Ramsay_1.jpg

Henry Lai-Pyne, Nexus, 2023. Digital video installation, Motion capture performance by Jahra Wasasala, Twelve virtual camera feeds. 2:22s, looped . Photo by Teagan Ramsey

Gallery-as-Studio & Site-of-Production

Centre for Projection Art x SEVENTH Gallery 

Second in our series of Gallery-as-Studio & Site-of-Production we are so excited to be in collaboration with Seventh Gallery for a period of three weeks. This is a part of our ongoing collaborations with Artist Run Spaces. Our incoming cohort of artists-in-residence will be working with the gallery as a site of production and experimentation before opening their discoveries to public in a process driven exhibition format.

From August 21, the artists are privately using the gallery as a studio to test the materiality of projections, experiment and play with the presentation of their work. Then from August 30th until September 16th, the artists will be sharing these works with you as an audience, showing a combination of works in progress and previous works from Naina Sen, Tully Arnot, Alana Hunt, Henry Lai-Pyne and Sarah Aiken.

We are excited to host a conversation with three of our presenting artists-in-residents - Alana Hunt, Henry Lai Pyne and Naina Sen. Sharing their practices and process, this conversation with Centre for Projection Art Director Priya Namana, will explore their intersectional practices, use of technology, new media, projections, video and film as praxis.

30 August - September 16th 12pm – 5pm 

Discussion: Friday 8th September, 6.30 PM

SEVENTH Gallery,

215 Church Street,


Narrm, VIC


Curatorial: Priya Namana

Centre for Projection Art Team 

West Space Team

SEVENTH Gallery Team 



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