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Centre for Projection Art releases occasional digital publications as text based archival traces and documentation of the various intersections at which our projects exists. The essays captured by invited writers  expand and dig deeper into the artworks presented within our projects.

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Image: Detail of 'evanesce' publication cover. Design by Juliet Miranda Rowe


Curated by Priya Namana, EVANESCE brings together a group of artists who are in conversation with climate emergencies and change through their individual practices. Presented with care and support from the team at CLIMARTE, Centre for Projection Art highlights the care-based research about the climate crisis employed by these artists to proactively address their concerns within an artistic framework. The term EVANESCE means to pass out of sight, memory, or existence and is frequently used in the present, referring to extinction that can be accounted for mainly by climate change. Over two weeks, the exhibition aimed to create a dialogue that investigated different approaches to addressing these concerns.

Accompanying the exhibition is an e-zine was commissioned by Priya Namana, designed by Juliet Miranda Rowe and featuring written works by Diego RamirezSophie Cai, and Katie West.

You can read and download the E-Zine here.

2023 - 2024
Confluence publication - Cover image.jpg

The idea for this digital publication was seeded as a curatorial device in 2023 to archive and document our ongoing work in collaboration with the community of artists, writers, and researchers at the Centre for Projection Art by Priya Namana. Alongside the team at Seekers and Tailor Agency, who are important members of the local community of Ngar-Go / Fitzroy in Naarm and committed to centring art as a way of everyday thinking we have worked our way through the production of this publication at a pace that trust evolves at and worked to our capacity observing sustainable and relational ways of collaboration and partnerships.

Confluence responds in publication form, to the intersection delving into an intriguing junction where public space, new media art, civic engagement, and gestural interactions converse on registers of creative thinking, art-making, and reciprocal partnerships. The essays are a combination of artistic, critical, and visceral responses to two of Centre for Projection Art’s programs presented in 2023 – Body-Cites as part of FRAME – A dance biennial and Confluence as part of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. The artists we collaborated with in these programs are ushering in a new wave of gestural intersections by carefully considering and being in dialogue with the ‘sites’ their work engages with. Specifically, they explore the role of presenting a ‘body’ as a point of curiosity in their creative thought process.

The accompanying publication or e-zine designed by Tailor Agency, feature written works by Annika KoopsLiang Luscombe, Dr.Sean Lowry, The Third Thing, Louis M Ashton, Luna Mrozik Gawler and Victoria Chiu.

You can read and download the Publication / E-Zine here.

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