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Wesley Dowling, Mosaic, 2020. Collingwood Yards, Naarm/Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Yandell Walton.

Light Windows

​Centre for Projection Art presents six installations for Light Windows, a worldwide project produced by HoloCenter, New York encouraging artists to display light art in the windows of homes and venues around the world and share a message of unity and hope during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Artists from Centre for Projection Art’s inaugural artist-in-residence program will illuminate six windows of the Johnston Street building in celebration of International Day of Light on May 16, 2020. Viewed from dusk-midnight, 15 - 31 May, audiences can experience these works during their daily rituals from the street and through the LIGHT WINDOWS interactive map.

This project was proudly presented in partnership with HoloCentre; International Day Of Light; City of Yarra; and Collingwood Yards. Special thanks to the Collingwood Yards organisations that have provided the use of their windows for this project: Bad Apples Music; Barpirdhila Foundation; Experimenta Media Arts; Liquid Architecture; Auspicious Arts; and Agency.

Collingwood Yards

35 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Friday 15 - Sunday 31 May


projection artworks

Jane Crappsley, Change in Condition: Part 1, 2020. Photo courtesy of Yandell Walton.

Jane Crappsley, Change in Condition: Part 1, 2020

Change In Condition: Part 1 is a new work in development that uses drawing, animation and projection to experiment with the interpretation and translation of sound data and drawings derived from the physical investigation of the site (Collingwood Yards) prior to COVID-19.

Wesley Dowling, Mosaic, 2020. Photo courtesy of Yandell Walton.

Wesley Dowling, Mosaic, 2020

Mosaic is a reactive web-based site-responsive work that was developed during the Centre for Projection Art Residency Program. Digital technologies, such as network infrastructure and mobile devices, have brought about redefinitions of public space which have now become merged virtual and physical spheres. The work acknowledges this new condition of public space by fusing the virtual windows of the web browser to the physical architecture of the Collingwood Yards building through projection.

Interact with MOSAIC here

Jenna Eriksen, FLOW, 2020. Photo courtesy of Yandell Walton.

Jenna Eriksen, FLOW, 2020

Flow is an abstract landscape acknowledging the healing nature of time passing. Reflecting on our current climate, and the vast disorientating path that lies ahead. 

Yandell Walton, Plants Alive, 2020. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Yandell Walton, Plants Alive, 2020

Plants Alive presents a work in development using digital techniques newly acquired during the COVID-19 lockdown period. The work aims to emphasise the importance of the plant through altering scale and giving it human-like movement.

Jen Valender, Isolate, 2020. Photo courtesy of Yandell Walton.

Jen Valender, Isolate, 2020

Isolate takes a moment to reflect on the social sacrifices experienced by the community during this period of isolation. How are individuals marking life milestones whilst in solitude? Are we adapting to social distancing and adjusting to loneliness? 

PluginHUMAN, Conceal, 2019. Photo courtesy of Yandell Walton.

PluginHUMAN, Conceal, 2019

Conceal is a fusion of digital and organic materials and processes, it uses digital methods to highlight hidden organic structures. CONCEAL affords audiences the unique opportunity to experience and engage with layers of physicality not often available to us in our daily lives. This artwork features photographs taken under microscope of biological samples that were collected from significant Melbourne (Australian) ecosystems. The video is formed from generative computer animations of the biological imagery. Ultimately, CONCEAL reveals hidden structures from our surrounding natural environment. In making this artwork, PluginHUMAN aims to foster empathy between people and our natural world in order to encourage action on climate change.



Producer: Bianca Bowman (CEO Centre for Projection Art)

Curator and documentation: Yandell Walton

Public Program Coordinator: Catriona Black-Dinham

Technical Manager: Jay Tettamanti

Digital Coordinator: Teagan Ramsay 


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