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Tahlia Palmer- WS gallery-as-studio.png

Tahlia Palmer at West Space. Photo by Priya Namana

Gallery-as-Studio & Site-of-Production

Centre for Projection Art x West Space 

Centre for Projection Art’s resident artists take over West Space. For a two-week period, the artists are using the gallery as a studio to test the materiality of projections, experiment and tease out ideas around the presentation of their work for future iterations.

Centre for Projection Art’s residency program is a process-led space where artists are supported to take risks, experiment, and engage in public dialogue. Their two-weeks at West Space will culminate in a conversation with industry peers including Aida Azin, Andy Butler and Eugenia Lim alongside the Centre for Projection Art and West Space curatorial teams. Within a supportive environment, this group will engage with the resident artists, their work, processes, ideas, presentation, and discuss possible next steps in the growth of their practices.

Artists involved are Lilah Benetti, Juan Rodriguez Sandoval, Melody Laglína Woodnutt, Leitu Bonnici, Tahlia Palmer and Frankie Zhang. 


The Centre for Projection Art Residency Program is generously supported by Daniel Besen 

23 May - June 2. 

Open to the publuc June 2, 6-8pm. 

West Space 

Perry St, Collingwood Yards, 


Narrm, VIC

Documentation images 


Curatorial: Priya Namana

Artists: Lilah Benetti, Tahlia Palmer, Leitu Bonnici, Juan Rodriguez Sandoval, Melody Woodnutt, The ElectroPoetics (Bixiao Zhang)

Centre for Projection Art Team: Anatol Pitt, Dahriz Manalo, Debris Facility

West Space Team: Joanna Kitto, Sebastian Henry-Jones



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