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Wesley Dowling, Mosaic, 2020. Image courtesy of Teagan Ramsay

Wesley Dowling


(October 2019 - January 2020)

Wesley Dowling is a Melbourne-based emerging queer artist whose work encompasses lens-based and interactive digital media. He creates works that investigate's how photography has outgrown its role as a purely representational agent due to its merging with digital media and computing. He uses queer theory to examine these conditions by creating works that subvert the underlying architecture of the digital image and to problematize the connection between images and objects.

Wesley participated in the 2020 Summer Artist-In-Residence program and was mentored by Betty Sargeant from PluginHUMAN. As part of this residency, Wesley created an interactive work for LIGHT WINDOWS, a project presented in collaboration with New York's HoloCentre, and is working towards presenting new work for Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

Wesley Dowling
Previous works and residency outcomes
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