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Melody Woodnutt, The Ship, 2021. 16mm film loops, film reels, film projectors, crocodile skull, synaesthetic light, salt, neon pink pigment, cyanotypes, speaker, soundscape. Image courtesy of the artist.

Melody Woodnutt


(November 2022 - April 2023)

Melody Woodnutt is a contemporary artist working within the expanded field of 16mm analogue moving image film. Woodnutt's works take the form of kinetic or immersive installations, still images, and short films that function as portals or 'topias to distil broader societal complexities into quasi-fictional worlds and allegories.

Through a poetic mode and romantic conceptualism, Woodnutt utilises imagery and objects that relate to time, emotion, nature-culture symbiosis, hauntology, and cinema: artworks then come together as bricolage world-making through expanded cinema practices. With a deep pull towards unknowable realms such as the sea, cosmos, and spectral worlds, Woodnutt drenches artworks in atmospheres.

During the residency, Woodnutt aims to develop an understanding of Sky Country, astronomy, and navigational knowledge found in the stars. She hopes to utilise this learning in an attempt to finish building her late grandfather’s unfinished boat frame out of
expanded cinema and toward a spectral fiction.

Melody Woodnutt
Previous works and residency outcomes
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