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Leitu Bonnici (Le Phem Era) in collaboration with Tasi Fatu, Moira Roberts, Denise Roberts and Adrian Tuitama, 'Lomiga Lua: i Luga 'o le Moana', 2022-23. Video still, webpage (HTML, CSS, Javascript), digital collage. Words pictured by Moira Roberts.

Leitu Bonnici


(November 2022 - April 2023)

Leitu Bonnici is a graphic designer, filmmaker and artist whose self-initiated projects facilitate critical discourse and experimentation in the intersections of graphic design, visual art, film, wearables and objects. Bonnici investigates ways to disrupt conventions and communicate alternative perspectives while shaping connections between digital and physical, fixed and dynamic, and past and future.

Bonnici runs Le Phem Era, an interdisciplinary practice that critically examines ephemera in all its forms by employing unconventional methods of archive and publication. Research is conducted through creative analysis, datafication, disruption, re-assemblage and speculation using democratic modes of production.

Throughout the residency, Bonnici wants to expand on their experience with digital technologies to construct immersive and interactive experiences that promote juxtaposition and exchange between virtual worlds and built environments.

Leitu Bonnici
Previous works and residency outcomes
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