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Juan Rodriguez Sandoval, Luxurious Living, 2021. Photograph, Inkjet print onto aluminium. Image courtesy of the artist.

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval


(November 2022 - April 2023)

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval is a Guatemalan-born, Latin-Australian interdisciplinary environmental artist working and based in Brayakaulung country, South East Gippsland (Victoria, Australia). His practice correlates with the practices of BIPOC/CALD regenerative agriculture and forestry, which are thematically concerned with deep ecological time as a means to understand deep ancestry.

Rodriguez’s current work explores the complex bureaucracies of land clearance, farming, development and pilgrimage in geologically rural communities and countries as post-colonial destructive forces. Rodriguez is interested in how these grander relations to land and the self can eventually correlate to an interpersonal experience through ecological mending.

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval
Previous works and residency outcomes
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