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Carla Zimbler, Smoulder, 2020. Image courtesy of James Evans.

Carla Zimbler


(October 2021 - February 2022)

As a projection artist, Carla Zimbler distorts digitised fragments of her surroundings to alter perception and trigger sensory response. Working between on/offline environments, audiences are drawn into immersive spaces where sound-responsive visuals expand and dissolve into darkness. Exploring the therapeutic qualities of colour and its impact, Carla siphons vivid light across interior/exterior architecture and soaks sculptural forms in rich textures as a live performative experience. Embracing projection mapping as an artistic device to induce shared emotion, she kindles desire for an otherworldly place of belonging. Carla’s animations evoke a sense of homesickness for the imaginary.

Utilising creative technology and textiles to reposition the body in two concurrent realities, Carla shifts orientation, time and perspective to warp memory, redefine spatial boundaries and transcend the everyday. She invites audiences to question connectedness, permanence and contemplate the intricacies of the micro/macro worlds we exist in. Carla’s site-specific installations examine how light binds and separates, obscures and awakens.

Carla commenced the Artist-In-Residence program in October 2021 and was mentored by Hannah Bronte.

Carla Zimbler
Previous works and residency outcomes
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