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Alana Hunt


(July- November 2023)

Alana Hunt makes art and writes and tries to find the most affective ways for this material to move in the world. In 2020 her decade long evolving memorial Cups of nun chai was published in book form by New Delhi based Yaarbal Books after being serialised in the newspaper Kashmir Reader between 2016-17. In recent years, as part of SPACED Rural Utopias program, she has been an artist in residence with the Kimberley Land Council, materialising work about the WA Aboriginal Heritage Act into video, photography, printed matter, and public events. Alana is currently working on a super 8mm film that examines contemporary colonial life in the north-west of Australia. This will premiere at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art in late 2023. She is currently a finalist in the Ramsay Art Prize (Art Gallery of South Australia) and has recently exhibited with PhotoKTM (Photo Circle, Kathmandu), Growing Like a Tree: Sent a Letter (Sunaparanta, Goa), and Every Inch: The Bureaucratic Affect in Colonisation (Cross Arts, Sydney).

Alana Hunt
Previous works and residency outcomes
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