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Victoria Pham, TERRA: Memory and Soil, 2022. Collingwood Yards, Naarm/Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Suico.


PROJECTIONS FOR MEGA-PHONE MONO-POLY: Centre for Projection Art's Artistic Director Priya Namana programmed a series of projections to activate the public spaces of Collingwood Yards. Coupled with an immersive curation of exhibitions, installations, screenings, performances, lectures, voices, music and more by many of our dear friends and neighbours, the evening MEGA-PHONE MONOPOLY reverberated through Collingwood Yards, joining communities.

To view the full program visit Liquid Architecture's website.


Collingwood Yards Courtyard,

35 Johnston Street, Collingwood.


Friday 9th December, 8:30-11 PM.



Vic Pham TERRA CY Lift.jpg

Victoria Pham, TERRA: Memory and Soil, 2022

When we consider gardening, we tend to create a relationship with the natural world through control. Instead of revealing the Earth beneath our feet, we often seek to conceal it, relegating soil to a tool from which our ideal forms grow. TERRA: Memory & Soil, is this iteration, is a site-specific projection that explores the built environment, history and legacies of colonialism of Collingwood Yards.

Glynn Urquhart, Passiflora, 2022. mage courtesy of the artist..png

Glynn Urquhart, Passiflora, 2022

Passiflora is an exploration of sense, memory and nostalgia, through 3D digital animation and forms inspired by passionfruit flowers. As a child, in the house that Urquhart grew up in, there were flowering passionfruit vines along the fence of their backyard, and stink bugs that infested the citrus trees alongside them. Now when Urquhart sees passionfruit flowers they are reminded of this cross-sensory memory - the sharp citrus scent of lemon and orange trees, mixed with the foul acrid scent of the stink bugs, and the bright bizarre alien-like form of the passionfruit flowers.

Glynn Urquhart is a queer multidisciplinary artist working primarily with animation, photography, and projection. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Urquhart's work explores themes surrounding the physical, the digital, and the spaces that exist between the two, and how these spaces relate to queer identity. He has had his work shown at solo and group art shows locally around Melbourne, as well as animated short films screened at film festivals internationally.

KB RB MP Spirits Summoning pink snaky.jpg

Kate Beynon, Rali Beynon and Michael Pablo, Spirits Summoning, 2022

Spirits Summoning is a collaborative animated work by Naarm-based creative family collective Kate Beynon, Rali Beynon & Michael Pablo; multidisciplinary artists merging art-forms across painting, fashion, interactive spaces, public art, animation and projection art. 


Drawing inspiration from their blend of diverse cultural backgrounds including Cantonese-Malaysian, First Nations Pima-Mexican, Afro-Caribbean, Welsh/Celtic and Nordic ancestries, the work explores ideas of storytelling, kindred spirits, shapeshifting and hybrid identities via guardian figures and creatures, botanical elements and talismanic imagery. 


Spirits Summoning features a cast of supernatural characters adapted from KB X RB—Mask Spirits collaborative series (exhibited at Sutton Gallery, 2022) Through experimental watercolour and digital techniques, the Spirits are brought to life amidst a backdrop of kaleidoscopic serpentine and botanical forms; extending textile designs based on painting The Shapeshifter’s Cloak; in hope of creating a surreal otherworldly space to counteract troubled times. This new site-specific edit is part of Shapeshifter’s Brew project, Kate Beynon with Rali Beynon, Creator's Fund supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.



Artistic director & curator: Priya Namana

Operations Manager: Catriona Black-Dinham

Program and Technical Manager: Anatol Pitt

Marketing & Communications: Teagan Ramsay 

Documentation: Kenneth Suico


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