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From left to right:  Devika Bilimoria, Untitled (work in transience), 2022  and Amrita Hepi, Dance Rites, 2017. Collingwood Yards, Naarm/Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Kenneth Suico


As part of Melbourne Fashion Festival's Independent Program, Centre for Projection Art are activating the public spaces around Collingwood Yards, showcasing video works by artists Amrita HepiZoë Bastin and Devika Billimoria. Articulating notions of place, identity, archive and gesture held by the body, these lens-based works express their intentions through the language of movement and gesture.

Collingwood Yards

35 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Friday 11 - Saturday 12 March,

from 8:30 PM - MIDNIGHT

projection artworks

Video still from 'Dance Rites' 2017

Amrita Hepi, Dance Rites, 2017.

Looking at the body as the ultimate archive, Dance Rites probes at the idea of what it means to prove cultural authenticity through the lens of a dance floor or performative space. What is learned and what is embodied, what is permitted and the social inscriptions on the black and brown female body. Combining historical, ‘traditional’, pedestrian and iconic representations of popular forms of dance and sport through repetitive movement and gesture.


Dance Rites looks at the black and brown female body as archive that re-places and diverts notions of archive away from a documental deposit or bureaucratic agency dedicated to the (mis)management of the past. In these documented moments it is never static, and it is always innovative because it has had to be.

Devika Bilimoria, Untitled (work in transience), 2022

Devika Bilimoria, Untitled (work in transience), 2022

Devika’s video work is an exercise in temporal weaving, relational gestures and ephemeral elongation from site-responsive choreographies recorded within a static frame. Practiced at Koonya Beach on Boon Wurrung Country, this work emphasises the inextricable interconnectedness of earth and body whilst inciting complexities of territory, migration, and identification through inverted forms.

Zoë Bastin, Waves Are Disturbances (Chapter One), 2018 - 2022

Zoë Bastin, Waves Are Disturbances (Chapter One), 2018 - 2022

Waves Are Disturbances is a research project that considers consent in romantic relationships through the movement of ocean waves by dancing. 'A breaking wave' refers to its movement. Usually, waves like the squiggly lines of radio waves, are a continual movement. Nearing the shore, the distance between the ocean surface and the seafloor grows closer together. This creates too much momentum, giving the wave no option but to emerge above the water’s surface. And literally, break. This seems like an appropriate way of describing feelings. As if something submerged, going on for a long time in perpetual movement, rears its ugly head at breaking point.

Zoë Bastin (lead artist & choreographer)

Philipa Rothfield (dramaturg)

Beth Raywood Cross (producer)

Grace Ferguson (composer)

Hayley Does (dancer)

Louis Roach (director)

Siobhan Byrne (costume designer)

Jordan Kaye (videographer)


panel discussion

ARTICULATIONS II - Bodies carve out space, adapt to environmental conditions, and hold deep relational connections to landscape, cultural experiences and lived histories. Embodying, learning, and feeling, the body communicates these relations through perpetual movement and gesture. This talk will engage with the language and connections that a body as a medium forms and expresses through. 

To frame the presentation of these projection works we will host a panel who will be in conversation to unpack the ideas, motivations and approaches within the shared language of their practices. We would love for you to join us before sunset in a conversation with Zoë Bastin, Devika Billimoria, Scotty So, Eugenia Lim and Jody Haines as they discuss their ideas and motivations within their practices.

The discussion will take place from 6.30 PM - 7.30 PM followed by an informal Q+A. Grab a drink from our friends at Hope St Radio and experience the poetics in the works of Amrita Hepi, Zoë Bastin and Devika Billimoria projected onto the public spaces of Collingwood Yards from 8:30 PM. 

Collingwood Yards will be hosting a range of events, open studios and activities on the evening, hang back and take it all in. We are looking forward to sharing space with you.

We are looking forward to sharing this space with you.

Collingwood Yards

35 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Friday 11 March, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

panel discussion


Artistic director and Curator: Priya Namana

Operations Manager: Catriona Black-Dinham

Technical Manager: Jay Tettamanti

Marketing & Communications: Teagan Ramsay 

Documentation: Kenneth Suico


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