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A Strange Space is an open-air exhibition of site-responsive projection art, performance, music, dance and online interactive works by LGBTQIA+ artists and allies, presented within the Collingwood Yards courtyard, the Centre for Projection Art Studio and online. 

Collingwood Yards

35 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Co-curated by Edwina Bartlem and Jacob Tolo for the Centre for Projection Art and the 2021 Midsumma Festival, the projection artworks and performances featured in this multi-arts program explore the theme of “A Strange Space” and the various forms, ideas and experiences that this concept evokes.

We found ourselves in a state of flux – with the creative spaces where we make and inhabit left empty, open and missing us. However, in the most challenging of times, we create.


A STRANGE SPACE lies within Melbourne’s newest arts precinct, the newly filled Collingwood Yards, a place prevailing; abound for creative gathering and expression. It also lies within the meta-space, in all creative communities that are closed but still active. 

It connects, it affects, it accepts – it celebrates what we have. In those shared studios, galleries, workshops and hubs. As well as pubs, cafes, schools, laboratories, and everywhere in between. 

A Strange Space has awaited our return and is ready... 


With projection as the backdrop, A Strange Space celebrates the creativity and diversity of Collingwood Yards – and all that goes on within – acknowledging the artistic connections, moments and human interactions that are the interstitial spaces where we gather and make work. 

curatorial concept

We could not gather here...

But now.... 

We will play here. We will sing and dance, share a beer, have a meal and get drunk here. 

We will argue, discuss and have heated debates. 

We will rub shoulders here, high five in the corridors. 

Hold meetings, avoid meetings, bang and crash all night and day here. 

Cry and laugh, kick and scream. Sit and stare. Create here. 

We will sneak a kiss, break some hearts and hold hands here. 

We will embrace HERE.

-Jacob Tolo

curatorial concept
the program

the program



6:30pm  - Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony

7:00pm  - Opening speeches

7:20pm  - SCARLETT SO HUNG SON accompanied by cellist Stephanie Arnold 

7:30pm  - BUBBLE NOIR Megan Beckwith and Ben White 

8:00pm  - DJ SET - Graduates from Yarra Youth Services x Vinyl Vixens DJ program 



Richard Watts  in conversation with artists Susan Maco Forrester, Dr Drew Pettifer, Yandell Walton and co-curators Edwina Bartlem and Jacob Tolo

7:00pm  - DJ SET - Graduates from Yarra Youth Services x Vinyl Vixens DJ program 

10:00pm- JOHNATHAN HOMSEY 639 damn he's fine, heart sinking deeply one more time


6:30pm - STONE MOTHERLESS COLD Drag Performance

7:00pm  - BUBBLE NOIR Megan Beckwith and Ben White 

7:30pm  - DJ SET - Graduates from Yarra Youth Services x Vinyl Vixens DJ program 

10:00pm- JOHNATHAN HOMSEY 639 damn he's fine, heart sinking deeply one more time


6:00pm  - Graduates from Yarra Youth Services x Vinyl Vixens DJ program performing to close out A STRANGE SPACE

Each night enjoy Moon Dog Beers and Fizzers through our pop up bar and delicious eats by local food vans.

the projections

the projections

Image description: Purple flowers with green fern-like leaves burst from the centre of the image which has a dulled black background.

Blossom Spheres

Alison Bennett

Blossom Spheres was created in the midst of the Melbourne lockdown. Allowed an hour out each day, within a five kilometre bubble of home, I took to walking around the block to admire the springtime blossom on the street trees. Rendered as point clouds, foliage dissolved as vibrant matter.

Image description: Purple flowers with green fern-like leaves burst from the centre of the image which has a dulled black background.

Jenna Eriksen, CURRENT, 2021, Projection installation. Image courtesy of the artist.


Jenna Eriksen with Tabitha Dombroski & Björn Åslund

CURRENT is an experimental film that aims to challenge gender division and dismantle heteronormative assumptions. Threading meaning through expressionist dance and landscape mapping, the work is a conceptual interpretation of a queer symbiotic relationship unfolding.

Image description: A woman with short dark hair stands on a beach with a wintery sea behind her. She holds her right arm in front of her with her fingers outstretched. There is fluorescent yellow mesh fabric draped across her head and over her face which flows down the front of her body.

Eric Jong, Through the LiDAR sparsely, 2020, Projection. Image courtesy of the artist.

Through a LiDAR sparsely

Eric Jong

This work is an inquiry into the digital computational gaze as it examines real physical space. It utilises lo-fi systems for photogrammetry, light detection and ranging (LiDAR – Laser scanning or surveying) from site specific recordings at Collingwood Yards to generate a semi-translucent and layered digital terrain. Eric Jong’s work explores algorithmic driven spatial technology and mediated perception at the limits of access and format. 

Image description: A digital image of a room made up of small coloured squares, pixels and other abstract shapes.

Image 1_Scotty So_Chinatown burlesque pe

As Her Reflection Dances For You

Scotty So

Inspired by the Qing Dynasty feminist literature, Flowers in the Mirror (鏡花緣), this hologram projection work explores the scape and body of the virtual space via holographic advertising technology. The Chinese proverb, 鏡花水月 (mirror flower, water moon), means something that can be seen but not touched, as the reflections of flowers in the mirror and the moon reflected on the surface of water are something that is beautiful yet unattainable.

Scotty is represented by MARS Gallery in Australia.

WARNING: Projection content has explicit images.

Image description: A woman with dark hair stands in a long red dress with matching red gloves smiles at the camera. She holds a paper fan in her left hand and wears a hold headpiece in her hair. 

Jane Crappsley, Change in Condition, Projection

Change in Condition

Jane Crappsley

Change in Condition explores the physical and environmental transformation of the site of Collingwood Yards, during its last stages of construction. Derived from drawings responding to sound recordings captured on site, surface rubbings and in-situ frame by frame hand-drawn animation, the work combines interpretations of the physical and environmental data with motion, to reflect on its process of change.

Image description: Images of bright blue light geometric shapes on a black background are projected onto the side of a brick wall. The shapes are reminiscent of technology.

KP Finley, A Strange Space Indeed (everything is for sale), 2019 - 2021, Projection installation. Image courtesy of the artist.

A strange space indeed (everything is for sale)

KP Finley

Architecture’s preoccupation with ‘normality’ has left little room for queer space to come to the fore. These works in this exhibition aim to highlight how perceived dominant heterosexual spaces can be altered to queer space.

Image description: A red, inflatable tube man or skydancer with arms flapping. There is an artificial pond and building with glass windows in the background.

Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine, Surfacing, 2021, Projection and Animation. Image courtesy of the artist.


Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine

A site responsive animation exploring resurfacing: from lockdown, from being caught in a rip and the re-emergence of a long lost character. She will swim across the textures of Collingwood Yards, and play amongst the paving stones.

Image description: A small doll with light brown hair and large eyes stands against a grey background. She points and looks at something off camera.

Yandell Walton, Move Me, 2021, Projection

Move Me

Yandell Walton

Move Me is a site-specific installation for Collingwood Yards. Yandell Walton uses photogrammetry technology to create 3D models of nature and combines these with human movement through Motion Capture. Creating cross-species forms, Yandell attempts to imbed humanity with the environment to highlight a reconnection to nature.

This work was created with support from the Australian Network for Art and Technology IDEATE program.

Image description: An image of a large cactus plant with light green on the outside of its leaves and darker green on the inside. It sits against a background reminiscent of a blue and orange sunset at dusk.

Wesley Dowling, Proof, 2018, Projection installation. Image courtesy of the artist.


Wesley Dowling

Proof considers the malleability of the electronic image by creating images of viewers that emerge out of clouds of random data noise. The work explores how our experience of the world is increasingly based on potentially manipulated information via images, through screens and virtual media rather than tangible reality.

Image description: Small white and multicoloured squares stand out against a black background. The shapes are so small they appear like stars or dust against a night sky.

Susan Maco Forrester, The Pademic Had Other Ideas for Me, 2021, Projection and sculptural instalaton

The Pandemic had other ideas for me

Susan Maco Forrester

We could not support each other in this strange space. All Peoples dying from this pandemic, once in one hundred years. Black people murdered, in this pandemic, not once in one hundred years. I will wear your black face again... But you won’t like it.

Image description: A close up image of a woman’s face, framing closely on her eyes and nose which have been covered in black and white paint.

Drew Pettifer, Untitled (Journey), 2020, Projection installation

Untitled (Journey)

Drew Pettifer

Untitled (Journey) is a single channel HD video work that documents the execution by marooning of two young men in 1727 for the crime of sodomy – the first European victims of homophobia on Australian soil. The work recreates in real time the final journey where the young men were left to die.

Image description: Image of a room with a projection at the centre. The image on the projection screen is the ocean far from shore and a cloudy, grey sky.

Wendy Yu, Acts of Holding Dance, 2020, Projection. Image courtesy of the artist.

Acts of Holding Dance

Wendy Yu

Acts of Holding Dance is a series of projection works featuring dance and post-process design. Presented as a large scale projection, Acts of Holding Dance was instigated when the artist identified a lack of dance work within the local projection art scene.

Image description: Images of people and shadows dancing against a bright, white body of water is projected onto a brick wall of a building at dusk.

the performance


Bubble Noir

Megan Beckwith & Ben White

With elements of Film Noir the dancer as protagonist is placed in an impossible situation that is out of their control. Will the dancer escape the bubble? Will they be able to take another breath? Will the bubble burst?

Image description: An eerie, out of focus image of a woman with dark hair wearing red clothes and red lipstick. 

Stone Motherless Cold drag queen

Stone Motherless Cold

Stone Motherless Cold

Drag Performance

Slinking into the space, a smooth and sensual Blak femme fatale. There to mesmerise and entice. A tease, dancing for herself and herself. Yet happy to invite you into her fantasy, if you please.

Performing to 'Play it again' by Wilma Reading

Image description: A drag queen with blonde hair stares into the camera. She is wearing a black patent leather beret, and her make up is bright, bold, graphic and features bright blue circles and gemstones.

Jonathan Homsey, 639 damn he's fines, heart sinking deeply one more time, 2021, Performance

639 damn he's fine, heart sinking deeply one more time

Jonathan Homsey

639 damn he's fine, heart sinking deeply one more time (639) is a performance work exploring the blurred lines between virtual love and physical pain. Part autobiographical and part fantastical, this dystopian 15 minute dance performance projects Jonathan Homsey's body in real time as he executes a dynamic and percussive stream of consciousness.


Music by Only Fire and Aliah Sheffield

WARNING: Content has explicit language

Image description: A young man with short, blonde hair lies on blue plastic on the ground. He has pale blue fabric draped across his body, and his right hand sits across his chest over his heart.


DJ Set

Graduates from Yarra Youth Services x

Vinyl Vixens DJ program 

Friday Night 7-9pm


New to the scene, Endorfin can guarantee high energy beats that will get you dancing in no time, she played at Colour last night for an event called freakquency and recently at Loop bar for Luna blessings.  Don’t miss her tonight going back to back with rising star DJ Niamh.


DJ Niamh has been enjoying play fun and interesting lil ear worms all about town this year, as well as her radio show on Syn FM, she’s been appearing for untitled group, Vinyl Vixens Let’s Talk About Decks, and playing at venues like Thank You 2, Colour, and the infamous Revolver.


Join this combo for some Midsumma madness!

Scotty So, As Her Reflection Dances for You, 2021, Projection

Accompanied Bach's Cello Suites

Scarlett So Hung Son

With elegance and grace Scarlett So Hung Son performs a live lipsync with cello performer Stephanie Arnold.

Image description: A woman with dark hair stands in a long red dress with matching red gloves smiles at the camera. She holds a paper fan in her left hand and wears a hold headpiece in her hair. 

the online


Susannah Langley, Ioannis Sidiropoulos, Warren Armstrong and Bridget Chappell 

Using bespoke software, performer Ioannis Sidiropoulos’ movements will be tracked, in real time as he performs in Athens, Greece. These movements will then be mapped into a virtual reality environment where visual artist Susannah Langley - in Melbourne - will draw in response to them.


Identity Matrix & Discovery invades IRL space with augmented reality in works that can only be seen through your phone. Scan the codes provided to see yourself through a lens and enter a digital world of work by the artists.


Follow these links to your preferred social media to use the filters:


I Am Not This Body

Leisa Prowd & Tsuki

I am not this body

I am this body

This Body I am,

Look at me and see.

I have invited you.

Look Look at me and see.

Stop, pause, gaze.


This is an invitation.

I am this body.

Knees and Shrubs

Melinda Smith

Melinda moves with her camera. This short film is an exploration of body and places. Exploring the physicality of the environment, creating and claiming her space.

What is the meaning of being here? There is beauty in the way she interacts with everyday nature.

the performance
the online
our team

our team

Project Manager: Bianca Bowman (CEO Centre for Projection Art) 

Co-Curators: Edwina Bartlem and Jacob Tolo

Event Producer: Chantal Wynter 

Production Assistant: Teagan Ramsay 

Technical Director: Jay Tettamanti

Technical Assistants: Ayden Martin & Min Kingham

Volunteer Coordinator: Christiane Carr

our supporters

our supporters

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