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Confluence: Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2023

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This winter at GSPF 2023 we dive into a [Confluence]. The iconic Gertrude Street Projection Festival returns for its fifteenth year in 2023, Nightly from July 27 till August 6 activating multiple sites along Gertrude Street. 


[Confluence] is an act of coming together, a merging of two rivers! The festival this year reflects this, and activates multiple sites along Gertrude Street. Weaving together community + art, public + space, night + light, sight + site. Bringing our community together with projections by our 11 artists-in-residence alongside some special projects, offsite activations, events, parties, talks and screenings.


For 12 nights [July 27th to August 6th], we activate the civic spaces of Gertrude Street with conceptual video artworks made by artists Lilah Benetti, The ElectroPoetics, Alana Hunt, Tahlia Palmer, Juan Rodriguez Sandoval, Jamali Bowden and Leitu Bonnici, Melody Woodnutt, Henry Lai-Pyne, Sarah Aiken, Tully Arnot, Naina Sen, alongside community projects with Victorian Aboriginal Health Service, Visible, Collingwood College with Rali Beynon and James Henry, Yarra Youth Services, and VCA Animation Students. 


Join us as we invigorate our senses through the merging strands of history, technology, experience, materials, politics, and emotions. Project your subjectivity and reflect with us on our collective worlds, in this Confluence of interlacing sensations.

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival is a not-for-profit, community arts festival that has provided sustainable benefits to Australia’s artists for over ten years. Gertrude Street Projection Festival focuses on providing exemplary assistance with education and support to artists by providing a platform on which they can realise their full, creative and professional potential. In winter walls, laneways, buildings and shopfronts come alive along Gertrude Street featuring projections, live events and performances, inviting an estimated 55,000 visitors annually.

The Festival exhibits projection and contemporary new media art in public, accessible spaces. Projections range from large-scale installations on walls to intimate experiences of virtual reality. Gertrude Street Projection Festival is made possible by donations from the local community, businesses and grants from local council.​ The festival has been a curated annual event since 2008

GSPF Confluence 2023. Video Documentation by Willan Octave-Emile. 

Live Program

27.07.23: GSPF23 x E.MERGE AGENCY. Featuring music from Safe, Titus, Cooper and Henry, Soli, Make Peace and Hope, MC Mydia Tesema. Food by Vola Foods, Drinks by Long Prawn. 

28.07.2023. GSPF23 x Rose Chong Costumier X The Huxley's. ‘The Arse is Present’ by artist R.C.

29.07.2023. GSPF23 x Composite: Black Queer Futures —A Conversation. Featuring Lilah Benetti and Peter Waples-Crowe Faciliated by Kate Ten-Buuren

29. 07 2023. GSPF23 x WOLF (Women of Love and Fury) Roaming Choir.

03.08.2023 GSPF x Hit List: Greatest Hits. Featuring film works from Tim Hardy, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Gabrielle Skye Nehrybecki, Harry Huges and Moss Lasica Wood alongside sourced material. 

04.08.2023. GSPF x Living Out Loud (LOL) Roaming Choir. 

04.08.2023 GSPF x Yalinguth: Live. Guided by Jason Tamiru. 

05.08. 2023 GSPF 23 X Mission to Seafarers Victoria. Melody Woodnutt: Death Shroud for a Ship. 

06.08.2023. GSPF Closing Performances: Chantal Bala, Juan Rodriguez Sandoval. 

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval_De la tierra que me vió nacer a la tierras que me vieron crecer y
Chantal Bala _ Image.jpeg
Naina Sen_ Vortex Still 7 (1).jpeg
Tully Arnot_ epiphytes5 (1).jpg
JB+LB_Letters at Play_Promo-1 (2).jpg
Sarah Aiken, Zoom Out (make your life count), Film Still(1) (1).jpeg
Woodnutt Celestial Bodies mirror hand sky (1).jpg
Naina Sen x Joy Bulanjdjan Garlbin x Josephine Wamutjan James_Mabbúlarr Video Still 5.png
gertrude test 5 (2).jpg
Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 6.43.51 pm.png
Nicky Tsekouras and Zeth Cameron (Cultivating Community and Richmond Primary School) 2_ORA
Rali promo 3 (1).png
Year 6 (High Res JPEGs)-5 (1).jpg

Offsite Screenings

GSPF Offsite [@] Bunjil Place. 
Screening at the Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen, 2 Patrick NE Dr, Narre Warren
GSPF Offsite [@] Collingwood Yards
Screening on outdoor surfaces, and inside at Composite Moving Image. 

Elevator Shaft - 6-11pm 

Victorian College of the Arts Graduating Animation Students

Circus Oz Wall - 6-11pm. 

Nick Tsekouras + Zeth Cameron with Richmond West Primary School students

Composite Moving Image- 

30th + 31st July, 6th + 7th August 12-4pm.

Victorian College of the Arts Graduating Animation Students

GSPF Offsite [@] Peel Street Park Projection Program

6-11pm, 26th July - 6th August.  Peel St Park, Collingwood 

Tahlia Palmer- Murnong (Digging For Yam Daisy). Digital video and audio, 2023. 

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