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Melbourne Design Week: Perspectives Exhibition

Perspectives, is an Exhibition and discourse program presented by Collective Futures, Australian Institute of Architects and Melbourne Design Week. The climate crisis, gender inequality, wealth and resource inequity, are all products of a hyper individualized society determined by the neoliberal values of capitalism. The challenges of the 21st century will require a more inclusive collaborative approach, one which recognises the value of the knowledge systems and cultural practices of indigenous and diverse communities who have been ignored in the preceding centuries. The perspectives of Women, and People of Colour will be a vital part of rethinking how the world we live in can be more sustainable and equitable.

Perspectives is grounded on the principles of collectivism. In Indigenous cultures, society sits within the ecosystem of the natural world, serving as stewards and custodians to lands, territories and resources as opposed to our western model of extraction. We are interested in uncovering this wealth of knowledge that is the legacy of our ancestors whilst also acknowledging that we are the ancestors of future generations. We have obligations to ensure we engage with the world through circular economies and begin the process of restoration for a renewed relationship with the planet and each other.

BIPOC and women designers have for some time been leveraging these ways of knowing and being, to transform the world we live in. Perspectives seeks to unpack and share processes and research to better understand the formation of design ideas and invite active participation from the audience. Process work has been historically positioned in the periphery of design presentation. The conversations, notes, sketches, debates, are seen as secondary to the finished artefact. Through flipping this hierarchy, the exhibition environment provides an opportunity to question and discuss pertinent issues and produce new knowledge.

The exhibition includes an engaging series of conversations structured around 4 core themes; Indigenous Futures, Cultural Vocabularies, Intersectional Gender Equity and Sustainable Modalities. 

Testing Grounds Emporium,

438 Queen Street,

Melbourne/ Naarm VIC 

Saturday 20th - Sunday 28th  May

Opening times vary,  please check here 

External projections 6-11pm 

The exhibition includes a series of conversations structured around the themes; Indigenous Futures, Cultural Vocabularies, Intersectional Gender Equity and Sustainable Modalities. Learn more and Book Now.



Collective Futures is an interdisciplinary community dedicated to shaping a more inclusive and equitable society. Our projects centre dialogue as a catalyst for change. Through our art, design, culture, and technological practices, we strive to affirm agency, increase representation, and create opportunities



Artistic director & curator: Priya Namana

Studio & Project Coordinator: Dhariz Manalo

Technical Manager: Anatol Pitt

Marketing & Communications: Debris Facility 

Special Thank you to Kholisile Dhliwayo and Sandra Githinji from Collective Futures for trusting us with their vision.



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