Diego Ramirez

Diego Ramirez is an artist, writer and arts worker. His practice employs a variety of mediums—ranging from video, to performance and signage—to unpack representations of otherness.

Ramirez belongs to a generation of young artists, writers and curators that came to the fore by questioning the language of diaspora and identity art, concurrent with the art world’s increased and often performative awareness of ‘representation’. He contributes to this trite dialogue with a historical interest on the gaze, stereotypes and monsters in a racialised discourse.

Originally from the Catholic capital of Guadalajara, Mexico, Ramirez currently resides in Narrm Melbourne, Australia. He is represented by MARS Gallery.


Colonial Eclipse reflects on the process of colonialism through the symbolism of an eclipse. Portraying different phases of a solar eclipse, Ramirez conveys the feeling one may experience after centuries of colonization. Indeed, the blockage of the sun – a sudden phenomenon that appears to engulf the world in a penumbra of darkness – conveys an experience of cosmic invasion. Picture what we may see if new conquerors arrived to the Australian shore to impose their culture, government and society upon us: a colonial eclipse. However, rather than evoking a debilitating sense of pessimism, this work seeks to explore the poetic spaces made possible by these historical legacies, employing an enticing colour palette and seductive composition to deliver its message.

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