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Image: Detail of 'evanesce' publication cover. Design by Juliet Miranda Rowe


Centre for Projection Art releases occasional digital publications alongside special projects to expand dig deeper into the artworks presented within activations. We have released publications for the 'evanesce' project, and are working towards more. Details to be released soon. 

Evanesce brings together a group of artists who are in conversation with climate emergencies and change through their individual practices. Presented with care and support from the team at CLIMARTE, Centre for Projection Art highlights the care-based research about the climate crisis employed by these artists to proactively address their concerns within an artistic framework. The term EVANESCE means to pass out of sight, memory, or existence and is frequently used in the present, referring to extinction that can be accounted for mainly by climate change. Over two weeks, the exhibition aimed to create a dialogue that investigated different approaches to addressing these concerns.

Accompanying the exhibition is an e-zine designed by Juliet Miranda Rowe and featuring written works by Diego RamirezSophie Cai, and Katie West.

You can read and download the E-Zine here.

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